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This tap wrench was designed 100% by the staff at Northern Machining. It is like no other tap wrench on the market today. The uniqueness of our wrench comes from its ability to maintain center with the central position of the tap, which it is holding. With conventional tap wrenches, center alignment is always lost because only one jaw, which holds the tap, moves. With our self-centering tap wrench, both jaws move uniformly, thus keeping a central position no matter the size of the tap which it is holding. View pictures from a satisfied user.

View an excellent video demonstration, and unbiased review after purchasing one of our tap wrenches, by Tim Lipton of Ox Tools youtube channel.  His videos are a journal of a life spent designing and building special tools, instruments, and mechanical devices for the scientific, medical, product development, and metal working industries.   It is also a place to share and expand skills and technique among other practitioners.  Watch video review here!

Please check out this will done video from a purchaser, Bud Beets, which describes his thoughts on the wrench, and also goes through a modification that we most likely be doing in our next batch. The modification is adding a groove to the stem of the tap wrench for holding a needle bearing on, which allows for smoother action and a larger surface to hold for placing into collets/chucks for pulling spindles down, or tailstocks forward when tapping. His video also provides demonstrations of the tapwrench in action, tapping screw jacks which he is building. Thanks Bud for the excellent video and great idea for the improvement of adding a simple snap ring groove. View video here!!!

  • Place stem up into a drill chuck for centering over a hole and to keep both hands free to turn the wrench. (will feed the spindle down by itself instead of keeping pressure on the spindle with one hand).
  • Two sided locking pressure which doesn’t tend to loosen like conventional types.
  • Fully replaceable items
  • Tap holding range from #0 – 1/2″ tap size
  • 5/16″ dia. centering stem easily fits most machines
  • Very compact height of 1 1/8″ including the stem: w/out stem is only 5/8″ tall
  • 100% tool steel with hardened jaws and body for long life
  • Overall dimensions:  1 1/8″H x 1 5/8″W x 10″L

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Take some time to visit an unbiased hand and power tool review site, ToolGuyd, which gave a very positive review of our Tap Wrench!

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“Northern Machining tap wrench does the job of multiple tap wrenches. It’s a professional tool that feels as bulletproof as it looks.”  ToolGuyd

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